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Music Can Make Us Nostalgic To Our Youth

Feeling nostalgic when listening to music, has become a common thing for many people. Especially if you are nostalgic for a favorite type of music as a teenager, which is still listened to as an adult, this is indeed a natural phenomenon experienced by everyone. For example, you used to like to watch concerts of western singers that you admired and at your old age, you want to listen to your favorite band's songs when you listen to the songs, all your memories of seeing your favorite band's concerts and events from that time make you happy. Your memories of the past come back again. This has become a natural thing because one music becomes a favorite because the music has a meaning for those who listen. Even though the bands that were once popular and now have become classic bands, this will not make you change your favorite music. If you like classic bands, you might like this song, click here to see the full song video.

Convenience over the work of music that became a favorite when passing through your teenage years, the music will continue to be in your heart because it holds a memory behind the song. In addition to being seen from a cultural perspective, this phenomenon can also be related to conditions that occur in our brains. When we are 22 years old and under, this is still a period where the effects of music will be very quickly absorbed in our brains.

This is the reason why memories of favorite music can last long enough for humans to grow old. At the age of 22 and under, this neurodevelopment of humans is at its peak. So all memories at the age they are made will be very strongly stored in the brain

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