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Activities outdoors in hot weather have their consequences. Not only burned skin, but hair can turn out to be duller, aka no longer black. It is still a mystery, the cause of hair changing color due to frequent exposure to the sun is still not widely known. How about you? Do you know the culprit behind this condition? If the cause of hair damage is the sun, the first thing you must do is avoid direct sun exposure to your hair. To support the health of your hair when exposed to the sun, then you can come to us, Balayage Hairstyles to get the best hair care so that your hair remains healthy even though it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Human hair is made of a special protein called keratin. Hair grows in small sacs called follicles. In the follicle, the living hair cells will continue to divide to form the hair shaft. The follicles will also produce melanin to create color in the hair shaft. The more melanin, the darker your hair will be. Unfortunately, the heat from the sun can destroy the melanin cells in the hair shaft, causing discoloration to rust (oxidation process). Melanin that is damaged over time will decrease in number and cause the black color of the hair to fade. As a result, the hair looks duller.

Sun exposure causes not only changes in hair color but also hair texture. This is because solar radiation can damage the keratin structure of the hair. If the keratin in the hair is disturbed, the hair will become coarse. The longer the hair is exposed to the sun, the compounds called thiols in the hair will oxidize and turn into sulfonic acids. Once changed, the hair will stick to each other and make it tangle. You need to know, melanin, keratin, and thiol are very important for maintaining healthy hair. If one or all three are damaged by the sun's radiation, don't expect your hair to be black, soft, and manageable.