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Taking a deep breath can be such a simple method to release your stress. You can just take a deep breath when you feel so stressed in the middle of working on your deadlines in the office. You do not have to wait for time to go home to release your stress. This simple method is sadly less known by many people. They usually have to wait their time to go home and do an activity that they like to release their stress although the fact is that everyone may have different preferences of a method to release their stress. For example, you may find your friend that likes playing chess or read the chess references like to release their stress.

You are lucky that you have a favorite method to release your stress and it benefits you in some aspects. For example, if you like playing chess to release your stress, the possibility is that you are smart. In fact, playing chess since you are a kid is able to increase your IQ level. In this case, you are supposed to be happy when you have a kid that likes playing chess. You even have to support your kid by providing some facilities and references like

Playing chess is very interesting as you have to try to guess the purpose of your opponent's movement. If you do not carefully pay attention to what your opponent's movement is, you are going to end up with defeat easily. Playing chess is about attacking and watching your back. You have to make an anticipation movement so that you can stop your opponent's attack. It is much better that you think of some possibilities of what purposes your opponents have. Knowing some possibilities of their purposes is going to be able to anticipate their attack.