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If a person loses their tooth, to replace it they could use permanent dentures. One of them is the use of dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots inserted into the jaw as a foundation planting replacement tooth. A dental seo will place the root of the tooth in the bone located below the gums. After that, the roots of the teeth will be used to anchor a dental crown (crown). If a person loses more than one tooth or all teeth, then dental implants can be used in conjunction with the denture bridge (bridge). Dental implants are usually preferred over the bridge because it does not affect the teeth located next door. Only someone who is about to install dental implants required to have good physical health, a strong jaw bone and gums that are free from health problems and the dentist from the dental seo will make sure that you will have perfect oral health before they put the dental implant.

The use of permanent dentures has several advantages over dentures while. More specifically regarding permanent dentures, the use of dental implants has several advantages over the bridge. Several advantages can be obtained by people who use dental implants, and they are:

1. Long durability. Planting false teeth by means of implants can last a long time. In fact, if accompanied treatments are done well, the durability of dental implants may be able to achieve a lifetime.

2. Easier to use for chewing. Another advantage to being gained from dental implants is much easier when used for chewing food. It is highly unlikely given the permanent dentures will act like a natural tooth so as to minimise the occurrence of a gear shift.

3. Helps prevent distractions while talking. Dentures that are not planted could possibly shift. It is certainly bad, especially if the owner is speaking so the sound that comes out will sound like mumbling or unclear. For this reason, dental implants are planted to make someone not to worry in speaking.