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Without the presence of furniture, a space will only seem empty, quiet, and of course: unaesthetic. Moreover, the existence of furniture is considered very important, considering that each object has a different function. Even though they are both predicated as 'table', the dressing table and coffee table have completely different functions. Cheap or expensive furniture owned, all useful. Either as a decorative or functional element. Add aesthetic value to the room with furniture products which have many choices. As a guide, here are some considerations regarding the selection of furniture according to room conditions.

1. Furniture Size
First, we need to know the size and condition of the room. For example, a minimalist residence with limited space, it will be more suitable if it is filled with a variety of small to medium-sized furniture. As for "forcing" to put the furniture that is too big will only make the room feel cramped, cramped, and uncomfortable.

2. Color Selection
Choose a color that matches the walls; as well as other interior decoration elements. As for the easy way, it can be by aligning the dominant color in the room and avoiding the application of low-contrast colors.

3. Function of Room and Furniture
We should selection of furniture and adjust to the function of the room. For example, the family room. Considering its function as “a place to gather and talk together”, it is better to choose a sofa that is comfortable and slightly large to accommodate this function. After all, nowadays, many cupboards and drawers have attractive models and designs; of course with various sizes.

4. Design
It is common, that you have to choose a furniture design that matches the theme of the room. However, it is still recommended that you choose a timeless furniture design. In addition to saving the budget; You can also be "creative" by changing the appearance of the furniture according to the times.